Wrist/HAND Pain

There are many different types of wrist and hand pains, please find some information below about some of the common types.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve gets trapped as it passes through the wrist in a tunnel created by the ligaments in the wrist. This tunnel can compress the nerve after trauma (such as a dislocation or a fracture) but can also occur much more gradually. When this happens the offending ligament that compresses the nerve becomes thicker, not allowing the median nerve to move and slide easily. As nerves are very sensitive to external pressures carpel tunnel syndrome presents with pain and numbness/pins & needles in the palm and first three finger. It can often be made worse by jobs or hobbies that involve repetitive wrist movements such as typing, knitting or manual labour. Removing the pressure on the nerve is important in the initial stage of treatment, this can be done with wrist splints, or other ergonomic aids to aid the causative activities. Treatment to help mobilise the nerve, though manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue massage and mobilisation as well as nerve gliding techniques help to reduce pain and discomfort

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