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We have 2 Personal Trainers that work 1-2-1 with clients her in our well equipped private gym. We see a wide variety of goals when using our personal trainers, from people simply wanting to get healither to those wanting to get a personal best in their marathon times. 

We are lucky to have both Mike and Eryn at the clinic


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Pre and Post Partum Exercise

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What to expect


Our Personal trainers are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

We have an initial form for you to fill out regarding your health and your goals

Our Trainers will then assess what you can do and set realistic goals with you and then create a plan that will be acheiveable for you with your daily and weekly schedule and have in person session with you at our facility. 

We use a specialised app to help you with exercises plans, creating good habits and diet plans with communication directly with the trainer via the app. 

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If you're ready to book your appointment just click below and book online, otherwise if you have anything you would like to discuss prior to booking give us a call on 0161 707 1116 or email us at and we'll be in touch asap to talk you through your treatment options and how we can help!