Foot/Ankle Pain

There are many different types of Ankle and foot pain, please find some information below about some of the common types.

Achilles tendinopathy (Achilles tendinitis)

The achilles tendon is the the tendon at the base of the calf above the heel. It is frequently a site of a tendinopathy; inflammation of the tendon. Pain usually starts during running but may also be noted after activity. The tendon itself will be painful to touch, as will stretching of the calf. Treatment includes rest and ice, as well as, manual therapy, massage, foam rolling, ultrasound, kinesio taping and acupuncture to the foot and ankle. Strengthening is the most effective treatment when managing achilles tendinopathy. A specifically designed programme is needed to let the achilles strengthen and prevent it from coming back again.

Chronic Plantar Heel Pain (CPHP) or Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar Fasciopathy

CPHP is the most common cause of chronic heel pain in the population, an estimated 10% of people will suffer at some point in their lives. The plantar fascia is the fibrous link between the toes and the heel and supports the arch of the foot. Most people describe a very sharp stabbing pain during the first 2-3 steps out of bed in the morning. The pain is usually located on the inside of the heel and is associated with obesity, stiff or tight ankles, and jobs that involve prolonged period of standing. Treatment is different in each case but can include orthotic prescription, support taping, electric shock therapy as well as manual mobilisation of the foot and ankle and surround musculature. An effective home remedy is to fill a frozen water bottle with ice and roll the foot over the top. This helps to numb the affected area and serves to reduce pain.

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