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Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is aimed to ease the body’s stress and tension that builds up through sporting activity or the general rigors of life. These daily stresses can show up in tension, tightness, ‘knots’ or ‘trigger points’ and create soreness and aches. Although Sports Massage is valuable to an athlete’s preparation and recovery it isn’t just for athletes, it can also be useful for everyone else too. 

Sports Massage is often assumed to be deeper than remedial or swedish massage but in reality our experienced therapist will always tailor the treatment to your preferences and needs. Although many people assume that it has to be painful, this really isn’t the case. It ranges largely from person to person as everyone has different tolerances and expectations.

At Salford City Clinic, you can choose to have a 30 minute or 60 minute Sports Massage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports Massage suitable for me?

There are certain circumstances where sports massage is not advisable; any areas with open wounds, cuts or grazes, acute muscle tears, acute tendon ruptures, severe muscle bruising, broken bones, gout, recent surgery, those with bleeding disorders, artificial blood vessels or patients taking Warfarin (blood thinners).

 Our therapists will ensure Sports Massage is appropriate for you before starting treatment. You will be asked to fill out a brief form about your medical history and current health.

 If you’re not sure or have a further question please feel free to contact us.

What do I need to wear for a sports massage appointment?

Sports Massage is directly onto the skin. We recommend bringing a pair of comfortable shorts or loose clothing to wear and you will be offered a gown to get changed into if you prefer. 

How do I know if I need a Chiropractic/Physiotherapy consultation or a sports massage?

A Sports Massage will ease up any tension in muscles of the body. For example, it is great for speeding up recovery after a sports event or easing muscular tension during times of stress.

A Chiropractic or Physiotherapy consultation is more appropriate if you have pain or have suffered a particular injury, joint, tendon, ligament or nerve problems or a specific musculoskeletal condition. A consultation will include a full diagnosis, a treatment plan, prognosis and advice on prevention of reoccurance of your symptoms. Sports massage may be recommended as part of your Chiropractic, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy treatment.

We are happy to give you our advice on what is best for you with a free 10 minute phone consultation.

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